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Offspring List

4T Maggie Dode11/8CA261742 Dode's BoyWestfarms Magnolia 3/611/19/2008CDetails
RVR Etta Rose17/8CT261704 Dode's BoyMiss Ace Monarch FM749/11/2008CDetails
RVR Royal Dode02/8BT81938 Dode's BoyMiss Ace Monarch FM749/11/2008BDetails
R3 Sam Houston2/5BA59103 Dode's BoySweet'N'Sassy3/2/1995BDetails
Barbara Dode FM 952952C120256 Dode's BoyClassey Myria FM4558/1/1990CDetails
Dode's Reb FM 949949B46605 Dode's BoyClassey Rebecca FM3116/1/1990BDetails
Sage Dode FM 950950B46606 Dode's BoyMonarch Missy4/11/1990BDetails
Sally Dode FM 960960C120242 Dode's BoyClassic Butlerbell FM2384/5/1990CDetails
Miss Roan Dode FM956956C118506 Dode's BoyClassey Blubutler FM 3863/20/1990CDetails
Lucy Dode FM959959C118511 Dode's BoyTouch of Class FM 3103/11/1990CDetails
Hanna Dode FM898898C108428 Dode's BoyClassey Hanna FM4814/15/1989CDetails
Miss Myria FM 896896C108493 Dode's BoyClassey Myria FM4554/6/1989CDetails
Lady Graves FM 897897C108404 Dode's BoyMonarch Maiden FM3233/23/1989CDetails
Dode's Rose FM825825C907809 Dode's BoyRosetta 5/24/4/1988CDetails
Bit-O-Dode FM819819C97803 Dode's BoyTouch of Class FM 3103/15/1988CDetails
Rebecca Dode FM749749/7C88664 Dode's BoyClassey Rebecca FM3114/20/1987CDetails
Miss Classey Dode FM754754/7C88378 Dode's BoyClassey Blubutler FM 3863/26/1987CDetails
Anna Dode FM751751/7C88381 Dode's BoyClassey Annabell FM4683/26/1987CDetails
Ace's Seventh Son52/6BT37100 Dode's BoyFM Graves 12412/5/1986BDetails
Dode's Boy Two2/6B40793 Dode's BoyClassey Cupcake FM3056/25/1986BDetails
Ima Roan Dode FM674674C78909 Dode's BoyFM Graves 1293/11/1986CDetails
Easter Dode FM684684C78915 Dode's BoyClassey Rebecca FM3113/3/1986CDetails
Dode's Sunset91C80876 Dode's BoyF.M.G. Juanita5/25/1985CDetails
Dode's Sunrise90C80875 Dode's BoyClassic Slippers5/20/1985CDetails
Miss Carmon Dode FM617617C69149 Dode's BoyClassey Carmon FM2735/6/1985CDetails
Dode's Glo FM615615C69148 Dode's BoyClassey Glo FM 3422/24/1985CDetails
Dode's Delight2/4C59313 Dode's BoyPam 3/0 6/13/1984CDetails
Calico Cream35C65341 Dode's BoyClassey Calico FM1834/30/1984CDetails
Dode's Crystal103C62142 Dode's BoyCrystal Classic FM2994/16/1984CDetails
Dode's Rita FM487487C55626 Dode's BoyFM Graves 1293/31/1984CDetails
Sammy's Girl39C50201 Dode's BoyGraves Sammy FM 2371/28/1984CDetails
Delta Magic185C56399 Dode's BoyFM Graves 1241/26/1984CDetails
Dode's Classic FM446446B24031 Dode's BoyClassey Nicole FM1705/28/1983BDetails
Diane Dode FM431431C46550 Dode's BoyClassey Dianne FM1784/17/1983CDetails
Delta Lorene151C46579 Dode's BoyClassinita FM 228 3/22/1983CDetails
RM Classic Model 538538B24521 Dode's BoyClassic Model FM 2243/10/1983BDetails
Mr. Graves75B25394 Dode's BoyF M Graves 1022/7/1983BDetails
Cuerno Largo 254254C39988 Dode's BoyF M Graves 918/18/1982CDetails
Delta Anna136C41150 Dode's BoyClassey Caramel FM1827/27/1982CDetails
Melmc 115115C42563 Dode's BoyClassey Cinnamon FM 1877/1/1982CDetails
Nick FM 353353B18011 Dode's BoyClassey Nicole FM1706/14/1982BDetails
Graves FM 354354C36831 Dode's BoyFM Graves 726/2/1982CDetails
Graves FM 344344C36826 Dode's BoyFM Graves 774/15/1982CDetails
Melmc 110110C42555 Dode's BoyClassey An FM1693/20/1982CDetails
Graves Ace FM 347347B18014 Dode's BoyF M Graves 1423/8/1982BDetails
Dode's Butlergirl FM746746C88382 Dode's BoyClassic Butlerbell FM238 CDetails
Delicate Dode FM494494C55632 Dode's BoyClasseydoll FM 226 CDetails
Becky Dode FM820820C97804 Dode's BoyClassey Rebecca FM311 CDetails
Delta Dayton137C82605 Dode's BoyClassey Dot FM 181 CDetails
Dode's Pansy120C81056 Dode's BoyClassey Pansy FM480 CDetails
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