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Animal List

"W" SR015015B75707  BDetails
100's Delight 6/86/8C244816 5/15/2006CDetails
2 B Ace's Choice935C194553 2/20/1999CDetails
2 B Bow-Frostee383C159400 2/23/1994CDetails
2 B Law Breaker420C226997 2/23/2004CDetails
2 B Law Partner414C226996 2/12/2004CDetails
2 B Magic Medora247C219184 4/11/2002CDetails
2B Carol217C111215 3/7/1989CDetails
2B Dry Creek Butler520C234093 2/14/2005CDetails
2B Magic Choice126B67294 2/18/2001BDetails
2B Magic Juanita121C205850 2/11/2001CDetails
2B Norma Jean    CDetails
2B Norma's Rose534C234096 6/12/2005CDetails
2B Sandra277C127678 2/6/1991CDetails
2H Queen of Ace's105C206815 3/21/2001CDetails
2H Super Star110C206041 5/24/2001CDetails
3A Ringo Rose4C298639 5/8/2016CDetails
3M Lady Ruth66C75739 6/1/1986CDetails
3S Fancy Mae Butler7C253862 4/12/2005CDetails
3S Jessie Mae Butler5C224276 12/18/2001CDetails
3S Reba Mae Butler12C253867 5/26/2008CDetails
3S Ruussa Mae Butler8C253864  CDetails
3S Spectacular139B4918 3/1/1978BDetails
3S Sugah Mae Butler270C231184 5/17/2004CDetails
3S The Preacher1B67721 10/4/2001BDetails
3S Vacey Mae Butler3C224297 6/1/2002CDetails
41 Snow Princess41C172822 1/11/1996CDetails
45-706/5S6450 4/14/1996SDetails
4K Nacho1B102335 4/12/2021BDetails
4T Maggie Dode11/8CA261742 11/19/2008CDetails
4T Medicine Hunter10/6C242259 6/3/2006CDetails
4T My Z7/3C217816 2/25/2003CDetails
4T2 Miss Classic Lady80/3C150624 8/1/1993CDetails
4T2 Monarch's Star SDL44/13B88548 5/15/2013BDetails
5T,s Lady Bug'n4/3C294492 3/5/2013CDetails
5TB3 Mesquite's Droopy121B103947 8/20/2021BDetails
5T's Bumblebee7/2C291488 10/17/2012CDetails
5T's Classey Queen10/3C291487 9/6/2013CDetails
5T's Cowboy Cadillac220B100252 2/15/2020BDetails
5T's Denim Dana522C338109 3/7/2022CDetails
5Ts Freckled IodineMC129129C263779 4/26/2009CDetails
5T's Freckled Moon126C325387  CDetails
5T's Ima Jackie Too MC0404C272993 9/10/2010CDetails
5T's Ima White Devil3/7C309956 4/23/2017CDetails
5T's Mesquite Masquerade58C315122 7/1/2018CDetails
5T's Mesquites Butterfly78C315229 7/11/2018CDetails
5T's Mesquite's Lineback35B92014 5/31/2015BDetails
5T's Mesquite's Saffron29C325389 2/8/2019CDetails
5T's Midnight Delight2/2C283285 3/5/2012CDetails
5T's Miss Red Moon92C338110 5/4/2022CDetails
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