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Offspring List

SCC Chism198BAT81742 CoachMF Blue's Jumbo3/8/2008BDetails
Dipsey Darling 2H-714714CA250586 CoachDipsey Diver BL 96312/1/2007CDetails
RM Coach's Class434C249469 CoachMF Class 186/3/2007CDetails
RM Lady Coach 442442C240467 CoachRedmac Miss Butler 555/16/2007CDetails
RM Lady Coach435C249439 CoachNichole Princess Hunter4/27/2007CDetails
RM Coach's Josie 461461C249457 CoachLittle Ace Josie4/24/2007CDetails
Ace in the Hole DBC34/7CA248052 CoachJackie Lynn 5224/19/2007CDetails
RM Coach's Darla437C249441 CoachVJ Darla4/18/2007CDetails
SCC Sugar and Spice185CA254313 CoachSCC Spice4/7/2007CDetails
LR Coach's Red Rose28C246547 CoachLR Coach's Beauty4/2/2007CDetails
LR Coach's Ace935/6AC246290 CoachCP Milby's Lucy 935/61/16/2007CDetails
SCC Sweet Cheeks181C254296 CoachSCC Miss Droopy's Legacy1/12/2007CDetails
SCC First Lady164CA254311 CoachJanis Butler RK1610/21/2006CDetails
RM Olivia396C248391 CoachMiss Olive Jo6/20/2006CDetails
RM Coach Dotty357C243244 CoachDouble Dot5/12/2006CDetails
RM Coach Josie382C243271 CoachLittle Ace Josie5/3/2006CDetails
RM Miss Partlow 359359C243246 CoachLT Miss Partlow5/2/2006CDetails
Texas Legend KKL B76073 CoachMF Iodine Class4/20/2006BDetails
JH Joaquin526B75268 CoachBL Red Butler10/12/2005BDetails
BL Lady Lilly541C236651 CoachBL Lacy Lilly9/14/2005CDetails
LR Jasmine1C238739 CoachRM La Luna9/6/2005CDetails
BL Butler Girl 522522C236645 CoachPlum Red BL 8629/4/2005CDetails
RM Roanie351C243239 CoachVJ Roanie7/31/2005CDetails
RM Coach's Flame337C243231 CoachRM Butler Flame6/10/2005CDetails
RM Miss Olive327CT236007 CoachMiss Olive Jo5/8/2005CDetails
LR Coach's Baby3C238737 CoachPJ's Baby Grand5/1/2005CDetails
Lida Rose RV1919C232253 CoachRM Miss Butler 904/20/2005CDetails
RM Coach's Big Base313C235901 CoachMF DeWitt's Big Base4/18/2005CDetails
SCC Four Little Diamonds120C244993 CoachSCC Boom Boom Baby4/10/2005CDetails
LR Coach's Beauty4C238735 CoachC-A-L Blue Rose4/8/2005CDetails
RM Little Coach332C235887 CoachMF Little Red 6283/21/2005CDetails
De De Danielle BL579C231164 CoachBL Danielle Darlin2/5/2005CDetails
BH Wildfire Butler511B74237 CoachAce's Dayton Flame12/24/2004BDetails
Vaquero Chex410B72039 CoachDark Star B R310/9/2004BDetails
RM King Midas275B73298 CoachRM Droopy Gal10/4/2004BDetails
RM Marilyn285CI231209 CoachR3 Norma Jean9/24/2004CDetails
3S Sugah Mae Butler270C231184 CoachR3 Carmon Sangria5/17/2004CDetails
RM Don Juan of Graves242BA74398 CoachRedmac Elizabeth Butler4/28/2004BDetails
BL Rockett475C220788 CoachRockette's Mijha4/11/2004CDetails
BL Hart of Dixie494C220562 CoachAce's Dixie Danielle3/17/2004CDetails
Whiz Kid Chex385B70719 CoachAce's Ms Dayton J12/6/2003BDetails
S&L Coach   CoachSage Danielle BL02911/11/2003BDetails
BL Evening Star398C220541 CoachDark Star B R311/7/2003CDetails
SCC Dream Girl63C225027 CoachVJ Sarah10/28/2003CDetails
BL Plum Rose360C220530 CoachPlum Red BL 86210/8/2003CDetails
BL Creole Roan356C220852 CoachAce's Creole Roan9/30/2003CDetails
BL Lotsa Sparkle391C214175 CoachAce's Sparkle Plenty4/20/2003CDetails
BL Kalija336C214176 CoachRockette's Mijha4/5/2003CDetails
Top Gun Chex335B69257 CoachDouble Sage BL8901/22/2003BDetails
Durango Chex334B69259 CoachAce's Dixie Danielle1/19/2003BDetails
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