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Offspring List

RVR Dixie Magic C3904CT315521 Ace's Black Magic ManAce's Dixie Danielle3/9/2019CDetails
SCC Tried and True135C244995 Ace's Black Magic ManJanis Butler RK168/24/2005CDetails
SCC Prissy127C244994 Ace's Black Magic ManIodine Class6/8/2005CDetails
SCC Princess Precious109C230285 Ace's Black Magic ManAce's Princess Flame12/5/2004CDetails
SCC Celebration99C229706 Ace's Black Magic ManSCC Miss Droopy's Legacy10/2/2004CDetails
SCC Renegade98B73920 Ace's Black Magic ManAurora9/2/2004BDetails
SCC Galaxy84B72836 Ace's Black Magic ManSCC Classic Calico2/15/2004BDetails
SCC The Dutchess77C225033 Ace's Black Magic ManAce's Dixie Duchess12/23/2003CDetails
SCC Spice75C225032 Ace's Black Magic ManSCC Pumpkin Pie12/14/2003CDetails
SCC Legacy67C225028 Ace's Black Magic ManSCC Miss Droopy's Legacy11/7/2003CDetails
SCC Vaquero66B71744 Ace's Black Magic ManAurora11/7/2003BDetails
SCC Chevron62C225026 Ace's Black Magic ManIodine Class10/10/2003CDetails
SCC Eyeliner58C225022 Ace's Black Magic ManSCC Classic Calico3/15/2003CDetails
SCC Blackshot50B71743 Ace's Black Magic ManMF Tator Tot 21/14/2003BDetails
TNT Magic Man728BG281205 Ace's Black Magic ManNitro Leigh CF22 BDetails

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