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Offspring List

LT Jo Jo19CA264263 Ace's MojoDalgood's Silver Wing5/7/2009CDetails
Dalgood's Droopy Folsom330CT217580 Ace's MojoOT Droopy's Big Base4/25/2003CDetails
Dalgood's Droopy Mojo201BA68927 Ace's MojoOT Droopy's Big Base1/6/2002BDetails
Dalgood's Mojo's Rocket142BA68926 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette11/27/2001BDetails
Dalgood's Blackrock141BT68925 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette11/14/2001BDetails
Dalgood's Rocky140BT68924 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette11/5/2001BDetails
Dalgood's Red Velvet139CT212691 Ace's MojoOT Droopy's Big Base10/16/2001CDetails
Dalgood's Rocket Man022BA66632 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette6/27/2000BDetails
LittleAce JackRabbitSlim200/0B69475 Ace's MojoHattie Bell6/6/2000BDetails
Shenandoah Como106/0B69683231913Ace's MojoPlum Jelly 838/T4/27/2000BDetails
Little Ace Alicias Magic113/0C230673 Ace's MojoAlicia of 903/14/2000CDetails
Little Ace Mojo Momma114/0C230672 Ace's MojoAce's Conquistared3/12/2000CDetails
Classey Blue Mojo101/0B67678 Ace's MojoClassey Blubutler FM 3863/12/2000BDetails
T-X Rockette's Dream1/0CT196913 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette3/10/2000CDetails
Little Ace Primrose119/0CT215108 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette3/7/2000CDetails
Sweet Temptress19/0CT200226 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette3/4/2000CDetails
Sky Rocket SWC 1/01/0BT67824 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette3/1/2000BDetails
Little Ace Magicmaribeth118/0C230671 Ace's MojoAce's Maribeth2/27/2000CDetails
Little Ace Emilys Magic117/0C230670 Ace's MojoAce's Emily Butler2/9/2000CDetails
Little Ace Creek Warrior711/9B68014 Ace's MojoAlicia of 8311/2/1999BDetails
BH Mojo's Masked Man9B66579 Ace's MojoMonarch's Charity8/1/1999BDetails
Little Ace Mojax221B66018 Ace's MojoDelta Halo7/15/1999BDetails
Little Ace Magic Hattie210/9C230665 Ace's MojoHattie Bell4/22/1999CDetails
Little Ace Gator Bait106/9S9914 Ace's MojoAce's Emily Butler3/10/1999SDetails
Little Ace Magic Girl MC111/9C216507 Ace's MojoButler Girl 603/1/1999CDetails
Little Ace Adios Amigo105/9S9912 Ace's MojoLittle Ace Tupelo Honey2/23/1999SDetails
Little Ace Diablo100/9B66679 Ace's MojoAce's Maribeth2/22/1999BDetails
Little Ace Alicia of 98201/8C230661 Ace's MojoAlicia of 839/28/1998CDetails
CP Sissie Jo 046/8046/8C203549 Ace's MojoAce's Little Sissie2/4/1998CDetails
Little Ace Dot.Com121/7C190484 Ace's MojoClassey Dot FM 1819/28/1997CDetails
Little Ace Swamp Guinea CF42109/7C182321 Ace's MojoDelta Rockette4/3/1997CDetails
Little Ace Swamp Lady108/7C182320 Ace's MojoPlum Jelly 838/T3/7/1997CDetails
Little Ace Beaujo100/7B61375 Ace's MojoDelta Halo2/3/1997BDetails
Little Ace Norma Jean 2B105/7C184287 Ace's MojoIma Roan Dode FM6741/27/1997CDetails
Little Ace Alicia of 96134/6C182318 Ace's MojoAlicia of 839/3/1996CDetails
Little Ace Dusty Roads211/6B61797 Ace's MojoCream Peas Too8/5/1996BDetails
Little Ace Swamp Fire132/6C182319 Ace's MojoClassey Dot FM 1817/4/1996CDetails
Chocolate Wasp 100/6C171402 Ace's MojoAce's Bayou Red3/4/1996CDetails
Doyles Lass 1717C181181 Ace's MojoRM Miss Beau Butler116/62/25/1996CDetails
Doyles Lass 2020C181130 Ace's MojoAce's Plenty Roan2/24/1996CDetails
CP Magic Class926/6B63199 Ace's MojoClassinita FM 228 2/19/1996BDetails
CP Magic Princess 964/6964/6C187979 Ace's MojoPartlows Princess 7/52/16/1996CDetails
Little Ace Spanish Angel122/6C182317 Ace's MojoAce's Spanish Treasure2/1/1996CDetails
Cream Rosie 8/58/5C165986 Ace's MojoCream Katie7/12/1995CDetails
Carla 3/53/5C165084 Ace's MojoAlicia of 905/13/1995CDetails
Clare4/5C165085 Ace's MojoCream Peas 2/5 3/27/1995CDetails
Miss Liberty Butler BW9696/4C169439 Ace's MojoMonarch Dudeos11/28/1994CDetails
Jackie Lynn 24452445C161695 Ace's MojoMaribeth 735/31/1994CDetails
Jackie Lynn 631463/4C181017 Ace's MojoMaribeth 1084/28/1994CDetails
Little Ace Pali Hattie100/4C175121 Ace's MojoHattie Bell 7/34/18/1994CDetails
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